Keven Smith
Business-to-Business (B2B) Copy
Online, Offline, and Direct Response


You may be wondering how a guy who was born in sunny Arizona and lives in sunny California maintains such a pale complexion.

It's the copywriting. Hours and hours of copywriting. But first came the music.

I began playing the clarinet at age nine. My youth was a blur of private lessons, youth orchestras, and competitions. I spent my last two years of high school at Interlochen Arts Academy, and then continued on to Philadelphia's Curtis Institute of Music, where I earned my bachelor of music degree in 1996.

Now, I did well in school (earning various academic honors, including National Merit Finalist) and had always especially enjoyed writing. But I figured I would make a living as an orchestral musician. So I moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to pursue a Master of Music degree at the University of Southern California.

On my first day in L.A., I was flipping through the university newspaper when an ad caught my eye: "The Master of Professional Writing Program still has openings. We accept students with a degree in any field from any accredited institutionÂ…"

I sprinted across campus to the MPW office. It was Saturday, but the student advisor was puttering around the office. He let me enroll in Technical and Fundamental Writing.

From there, it was a change of major, 30 units of writing courses, personal study in software programs—and my first job as a writer. Which led to my second job as a writer. Which led to my decision to become a freelance copywriter in 2003.

And yes, my musical background does come in handy. For musicians, the work (practicing) isn't done until it's done. Musicians will go over and over a passage if it doesn't quite sound right. Musicians are only as good as their last performance.

I approach my writing the same way.

Epilogue (Coda?)

I still play my clarinet for about 30 minutes per year. I'm also working as a choir director.

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