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Business-to-Business (B2B) Copy
Online, Offline, and Direct Response

Freelance Copywriters

Freelance copywriters work for themselves. Some of us specialize in one type of copy or write about one particular industry. Others make ourselves available for projects from just about any organization that comes along.

Freelancers find work in several ways. Some work through agencies. Others cold-call companies in search of assignments. Most of us advertise in some way, but we appreciate word-of-mouth referrals most of all.

Is it a tough life? Actually, once you're established, it's possible to make a solid living while doing enjoyable work. Many of us work at home in a spare bedroom. It's a more flexible arrangement than having a 9-to-5 job, though the stereotype of freelance writers sleeping until noon every day and working in our pajamas is a myth. If we don't keep a schedule and act professional, we don't eat.

The bottom line: you'll find that most freelance copywriters are highly motivated to impress you each and every time we work with you.

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