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Fundraising Copywriters

Fundraising copywriters focus on attracting donations. Non-profits and other organizations hire them to write letters that tug at the heartstrings and motivate people to reach for the checkbook.

What makes a good fundraising copywriter? First of all, we're certainly not BS artists. A smart writer knows that if you stretch the truth and lose credibility, you can severely damage the reputation of a non-profit organization.

And there's more to fundraising writing than simply making the reader "feel" something. The writer must be able to quickly absorb and prioritize a great deal of information about the organization. He must then be able to present the juiciest facts in a way that immediately illustrate for the reader the importance of the organization's mission and work.

There's now more competition than ever for fundraising dollars. Work with a fundraising copywriter who's committed to helping your non-profit organization stand out from other worthy causes. Contact me today.

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