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Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letters require more thought than people realize. Readers won't give money just because your non-profit organization does good work and uses its budget efficiently. They also have emotional reasons.

When you tap into the emotional hot-buttons of your readers, you can move them to donate now, before the other priorities of their lives distract them. When you fail to involve their emotions, there's a good chance they'll stick your letter in their "later" pile—or simply throw it away.

So, how can you make more of your readers reach for their checkbooks? Use an old trick called AIDA. The letters stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

You start the letter by getting the reader's attention with an intriguing fact, compelling quote, or probing question. You then find a way to hold their interest and lead them into your organization's work. You convince them to desire what you have to offer. Finally, you drive them to a specific action (usually, making a donation).

I've written AIDA fundraising letters for several non-profit organizations, and they really work. Give me a chance to increase the response rate and average donation on your future fundraising letters.

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