Keven Smith
Business-to-Business (B2B) Copy
Online, Offline, and Direct Response

Looking for freelance copywriters?
You've found an experienced pro.

What made you search for freelance copywriters today? Are you too busy to write the copy yourself? Baffled by a blank page? Or hesitant to burden your in-house copywriting staff with one more project?

Whatever your reason, I'm glad you stopped by. My name is Keven Smith, and I specialize in helping people like you.

You're trying to send email blasts that get read, not deleted. Tell customer success stories that add third-party credibility to your marketing initiatives. Create marketing collateral that's clear, concise, and customer-focused. Or raise money through passionate, personal letters.

I've been helping companies and non-profits do all of the above for 17 years. At last count, I've written copy for seven FORTUNE 500 companies in the software, financial services, and telecom industries. But I'm just as comfortable helping a startup tell the world its story for the first time.

When you work with me, you'll deal directly with me—not with an account manager. You'll explain your goals and needs once, and then I'll get started. I'll remain just a phone call or email away, and I'll take your feedback and changes of direction in stride.

Over time, I'll get to know your needs so well, you'll begin to see me as an extension of your team. And any time you start thinking about freelance copywriters, you'll know who to call.

"I need a copywriter fast!"

Got an urgent project? I'm always eager to hear from marketing and fundraising professionals who are looking for copywriting help. Contact me today.

A musician who writes copy?

Find out why my background as a classically trained musician makes me the ideal person to write your copy. Read my bio.


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