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If you're going to spend good money on a freelance copywriter, you deserve to be delighted with the results. Consider the comments of some of my recent clients.

"Can be trusted with anything"

"You have done a fantastic job on these [case studies], Keven. Proving, as I suspected, that you can be trusted with anything we send your way."
-Marketing Manager

"My favorite person to work with"

"I SO appreciate that you go the extra mile to find content to make these stories better. . . .that's why you're my favorite person to work with! I've said it before, I couldn't do these without you! THANK YOU!!! You truly are the best!"
-Marketing Manager

"7% clickthrough"

"National average clickthrough for an email is about 2.5%. We got 7%, and a 30% open rate. Good job everyone!!"
-Creative Director

"Professionalism and talent"

"If I haven't said it enough, I truly value your professionalism and talent."
-Creative Director

"Every one of your suggestions is perfect!"

"You are amazing. Thank you so much. I forwarded your draft to Adam. We are both so pleased with your changes; every one of your suggestions is perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-Small Business Owner

"Insightful, and not too wordy"

"This is an excellent draft of the white paper, business focused, insightful, and not too wordy."
-Product Manager

"Best yet"

"I love the [fundraising] letter. It's our best yet!"
-Moderator of Religious Society

"This is the way we like things to go"

"I made a few changes myself, but not many. This is the way we like things to go. Nice job!"

"Just the touch I needed"

Once again, it's great. Just the touch I needed, thank you.
Senior Account Manager

"Huge success"

"The case study you wrote has been a huge success! We just posted it on the site yesterday, along with the press release that the PR team is pitching this week. Hopefully we'll get some coverage out of it too! Nice job!!!"
-Marketing Manager

"People lining up to take the survey"

"Just wanted to take a quick second to thank you for the copy deck that you wrote for our email. The results were great—the client has people lining up to take the survey, so the subject line and copy really did the trick. Thank you so much!"
-Project Manager

"Unbelievably helpful"

"I must tell you, it has been fantastic working with you. You have been unbelievably helpful in providing the added background information that enables me to do my job correctly/better. If everyone was like you, it would be so much easier starting in a new position. Thanks so much!!!"
-Marketing Manager

"I wouldn't change a thing"

"Can't believe I am saying this but I wouldn't change a thing. I read it three times and it's the clarity, excitement, lay person speak and specifics that's needed to engage the visitor—coupled with the right graphics and font, etc. it should execute well...there may be tweaks we see upon design lay up, but for now....awesome job!!!"

"No edits"

"Wow—these are great. The team had no edits!"
-Director of Marketing and PR

"Fabulous first round"

"Fabulous first round of copy! Thanks for making it make sense."
-Creative Director

"Squeezing out the benefits"

"This [case study] was great because it really was a pretty lame interview. Good job squeezing out the benefits!"
-Marketing Manager


"I wanted to thank you for your work on our initial set of collateral for our sales team. They are so ecstatic!"
-Vice President of Marketing

"Much more powerful"

"I really like how you adapted the language—it is much more powerful now. Nice work."

"A way with words"

"Wow, I heard you had a way with words, and now I see!! This is a great start, thanks Keven."
-Senior Account Manager

"Absolute perfection for an annual report"

"I wanted to get back to you with my feedback on the Annual Report. In a word: fabulous. I have never seen a better annual report from any company, any time in my career. When I look through it, there isn't a single thing that isn't perfect. The content, the artwork, the layout, photographs, just could not be better. It is truly, in my mind, an award-winning piece for any company that I've seen….It will be impossible to improve on it because it is absolute perfection for an annual report, and I just couldn't be happier."

"Turned high quality work around quickly-without fail"

"Keven Smith did an outstanding job working with the many challenges and demands in writing these case studies. He turned high quality work around quickly-without fail. He was able to react quickly to changes in direction, and through it all was upbeat and a pleasure to work with."
-Director of Corporate Positioning

"Always responsive, professional, and delivering on schedule"

"From the time when I first asked him to work on the cover story, through the multiple interviews, drafts, and discussions, Keven was on top of the project-always responsive, professional, and delivering on schedule. Keven also contributed several other articles for the issue. His solid knowledge of the subject made it easy to develop the article, even though the messaging was changing as he wrote it. Keven is great to work with and I appreciate his talent."
-Editor, Corporate Magazine

"Keven's versatility is legendary"

"Keven's versatility is legendary, from writing the most complex of brochures to user stories to direct mail to quirky, rapier-sharp-witted contributions to our internal magazine."
-Immediate Supervisor

"He's good, can do it all, and he's fast!"

"I have to say, if we ever get the opportunity to hire another writer-we need to hire Keven. He's good, can do it all, and he's fast! So what if he lives in Fresno?"
-Project Manager

"REALLY pleased"

"I am REALLY pleased with this. You hit all the very best features and benefits of the product. I only added one line…"
-Product Marketing Manager

"Totally nailed the copy!!!"

"I am so impressed with this. You guys totally nailed the copy!!! I made one slight change, and indicated which email subject lines I prefer…"
-Product Marketing Manager

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