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Web Content Copywriters

A growing number of copywriters are billing themselves as web content copywriters. It's not hard to imagine why.

You use the web every day, right? Well, you probably don't think about it much, but someone has to sit down and write all those pages and pages of copy.

The need for good web content is growing—and it's not enough simply to take product brochure copy, slap some HTML tags into it, and stick it up on a website.

No, web readers expect to glide to the information they need. They demand crisp sentences, short paragraphs, and helpful links everywhere.

That means you must either master the skill of distilling all your marketing messages down to their very essence—or hire a web content copywriter who can do it for you.

I've been writing web content since the first day of my career. Ask me about the advantages of involving freelance web content copywriters in your high-profile projects.

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